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How to Change my Name on Among Us in 3 Easy Steps



Among Us players recently received an exciting new Airship update that features new tasks, gameplay elements, and experiences. It’s bound to bring back many of the old players that abandoned the new game, but what if you want to change your account name?

Fortunately, the change name function has been added with the update. You only need to follow a few steps in Among Us to put it into place.

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  1. Open account settings

    How to Change my Name on Among Us

    One of the new features you’ll see in Among Us is access to your account settings. To find it, just look at the top left side of the screen for the word “Account.”

  2. Create or log into account

    How to Change my Name on Among Us

    When you click on it for the first time after the update, it’ll ask you to create or log into your account. If you still remember your details, you can simply sign in with your username or password. If you’ve forgotten the info or you’ve never played Among Us before (have you lived under a rock?), you’ll have to create a new account.

  3. Change your name

    How to Change my Name on Among Us

    Once you are in your account, you’ll see a ‘Change Name’ button. It’s as easy as tapping on it and inserting your new username. You can also click on the refresh button if you want the game to generate a random one for you.

New name, same impostor

As you can see, Among Us has made it so much easier for your to change your username at any time. With so many players asking for the feature, it’s about time someone listened. 

Just remember to keep it clean, as there are children playing it too. Hopefully, we’ll stop seeing weird names like ‘ignoramous69’ in the game and spot some creative titles for a change. Although, we’re expecting obvious ones like ‘Imtheimpostor’ and ‘youcantseeme’.

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