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Online and local party game

Among Us is a multiplayer game about teamwork and betrayal! You and your crewmates can play this game online or over a local Wi-Fi and attempt to keep your spaceship together. It’s important that each of you cooperate with one another in order to return back to civilization. Beware of who you trust, though—there is an alien imposter on board! A parasitic shapeshifter has replaced one of your crew members and will attempt to sabotage your efforts. The Android and iOS versions of this game are free and all versions support cross-platform play, allowing you to join other players no matter your device. 

 What is Among Us? 

In the game, you and different players will play as group individuals from a spaceship, getting ready to go out in space. Be that as it may, there are impostors among the group who will undermine your activities. Yet, the impostor/s will likewise attempt to slaughter everybody in the group. You and your team should respond rapidly to fix the impostors' attacks. It's critical to monitor your different crewmates. 

They can likewise join your team whether they utilize the versatile or work area adaptation of the game. As the group is setting up the spaceship for flight, they find that one of the team individuals is really an outsider! This fraud is out to assume control over the boat and execute everybody in it. The best way to win is finding and casting a ballot the faker off the boat, and complete undertakings en route. 

There are just a predetermined number of developments you can do, which is to walk, hold or use, murder, and report a body. Different controls give you admittance to the minigame and flip the fullscreen. As an individual from the team, you should respond rapidly so as to fix the Imposter's disrupts. You will likewise need to promptly report the dead bodies so the group can examine who could have done it. 

How to play Among Us? 

You need to discover who the Imposter is. He will disrupt the boat, sneak through vents, misdirect your, and outline others to abstain from ruining his disguise. The catch is that nobody in the team is permitted to talk so as to look after obscurity. The online multiplayer game permits four to ten players to play. You can associate with different players on the web and those associated with a similar nearby system. 

You can require a crisis meeting to examine the individual whom you discover to be dubious. You would then be able to cast a ballot to launch the individual all of you think to be the impostor. Be mindful so as not to be executed by the backstabber. Besides finding the trickster, you and your group can likewise dominate the match by filling the gathering taskbar. You can do as such, by finishing the errand of setting up the boat. 

To make the game additionally challenging, you can play the imposter in your team. As the impostor, you can claim to run errands to mix in with the crewmates. At that point, you can escape and attempt to undermine the team's activity. You can utilize the vents to rapidly move about the boat. You can utilize attacks to cause turmoil and partition the team. More, you can outline spectators and make them resemble the double-crosser.

Fun, casual survival game! 

Among Us is a casual game suitable for groups of beginners. You and other players will benefit from the online player versus player and co-op environment. In addition, any of your friends can join the same server regardless of what device they are using.  Together, you can come up with a strategy to find out the alien trying to take over the ship 


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Connect online or through a local network
  • Sci-fi inspired murder mystery


  • Limited controls


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