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How to Get Proximity Chat in Among Us

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Everybody’s favorite game just got a whole lot chattier in outer space! If you haven’t yet joined in on the phenomena, download Among Us free and get in on the fun. You’ve got to be careful, though, and make sure it’s not an impostor trying to sweet-talk his way into your ranks. 

Yes, folks, Among Us just added the best mod since inception. Although the Voice Mod isn’t available for Android and iPhone players yet, don’t let it stop you from enjoying the PC game.

You can now activate the Among Us Proximity Voice Mod, and as soon as you’re close to another player, whether friend or foe. You can strike up a conversation without calling a meeting.


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What is the Proximity Voice Mod in Among Us?

The latest addition featured in Among Us adds an entirely new dimension of reality to the already famous game with millions of players dressed up like space tubbies. The mod enables you to chat to other players while you’re roaming the ship whenever you get close enough to another crew member (or foe, who knows?)

It’s a fabulous addition to this larger than life social media game that’s taken the online world by storm during the 2020 global pandemic. It adds a fun new plot to the game as impostors can now try to fool crew members about their identities and missions. It also makes it easier for crew members to navigate around a map without calling meetings. 

How do I get Proximity Chat in Among Us?

The mod is developed in open source by Ottomated, and you can enjoy it on PC only, for now.

  1. You have to download the latest .exe CrewLink setup file
  2. Install the CrewLink Mod. It’s safe to ignore anti-virus warnings.
  3. You can launch Among Us directly through the CrewLink interface and join or host a game.
  4. Get your crewmembers to install the app as it only works when all players in a game use it through the server.

What else can I play like Among Us?

There are several other social deduction games for you and your friends to hone your back-stabbing skills on. Let’s face it; it’s fun and the perfect way to stay connected from across borders. Why not give the multiplayer horror title Secret Neighbor a try and see who survives in the creepy suburban home? Town of Salem is another fascinating game where only the smartest remain standing.

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