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Among Us update: New roles and Cosmicubes



While Among Us is still one of the top games to play on mobile, gamers have been crying for something new to give them an edge. InnerSloth has listened, and a brand new update brings with it new roles and Cosmicubes

Here’s a quick trailer from the publisher before we show you what you can expect. It’s sure to lend some excitement to the social deduction game!

Among Us update: New roles and Cosmicubes

What are the new roles in Among Us?

Before, you could only play as a Crewmate or Impostor in Among Us. Well, four new roles are about to change the dynamics of the game. Players will have to find innovative ways to win with the latest characters available.

Here are the four new roles in Among Us:

  • Scientist: you can assess vitals anytime you want, but you’ll need to complete assigned tasks to recharge the battery
  • Guardian Angel:  give your crewmates a protection shield for a limited time to prevent any harm
  • Engineer: with this new role, crewmates can finally investigate the vents!
  • Shapeshifter: fool the crewmates with this impostor role by looking like another player

You’ll be able to customize any of these roles in the settings, stating how much of an advantage they have.

Among us update: New roles and Cosmicubes

What as Cosmicubes?

Cosmicubes are cosmetic items you can add to your characters. There are freed and paid objects, while you can also browse through various categories. You can also unlock special Cosmicube by completing various tasks on the ship. 

However, they won’t change any gameplay elements like the roles. Among Us Cosmicubes are purely visual elements to make you look good. It also works in the favor of the new Shapeshifter role, as the impostor will look just like you. What’s great is that your DLC cosmetics you bought will be part of the new system.

Among us update: New roles and Cosmicubes

How to get Cosmicubes?

Besides the paid method, there are various ways you can get Cosmicubes in Among us:

  • Branching path: while you play the game, you may find pods along the way that will unlock these special, themed objects
  • Beans: these are resources you’ll win along the way which you can use to buy Cosmicubes
  • Stars: Use real cash to buy premium stars and unlock cosmetic items quicker
  • Pods: If you have a specific Cosmicube attached, you’ll receive pods to unlock more items in that branch
  • XP: When you level up, the experience gained can be used for multiplier bonuses on pods and beans.
Among us update: New roles and Cosmicubes

Some Among Us guides:

If you’re new to Among Us, you may want to check out these guides that offer some tips and tricks:

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These new roles and Cosmicubes are bound to add new excitement to Among Us, and we’re excited to see how players will use these new positions in their spaceships. We’ll be watching for gameplay videos to see how the strategies play out.

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